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februari 2016


broadcast and communicate with nearly every portable electronic device. They allow tablets and smartphones to perform action such as sending push notifications to the consumer based on their location or transmitting data to the service provider. With the advent of beacons service providers are able to collect more contextual data then even before and target consumers more precisely.

Beacons represent one of the promising technologies related to the exploding Internet of Things.

Bram Thissen developed a technology – OIOTOS™ – to simply install beacons and publish location specific information to users on their smartphone or tablet. Any type of data can be combined and published.
It may inform the visitor of a venue – festival, airport, or campus – on the location of activities, present a convenient walking route, or make a commercial offer. It helps the organization to service the people and to manage the flow, also in times of emergencies.
With his company Pinscribble he shows that the world of its applications is endless.

Bram will take us through a series of interesting applications in real estate, tourist information, and inflight services. There will be ample time to elaborate on your specific questions.

Bram Thissen, Pinscribble

Date: 16th of February 2016

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