Hier presenteren wij onze Diner Pensant bijeenkomsten en een overzicht van eerdere Inspirational Sessions.

Diner Pensant 

Voor onze diner pensant bijeenkomsten nodigen wij een select gezelschap uit. Een prominente gastspreker geeft zijn visie op een actueel onderwerp. 
januari 2019
We all need robots

Dit diner pensant heeft als gastspreker Eric Wesselman. Hij is Partner, Head of Digital Transformation Advisory, bij KPMG Nederland. Eric is een veelgevraagd spreker en publicist. Met zijn presentatie over ‘We all need robots’ zal Eric zijn visie over social robotics met ons delen.

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september 2018
De digitale goudkoorts

Dit diner pensant heeft als gastspreker prof. Rik Maes, buitengewoon hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit te Nijmegen en verantwoordelijk voor de Academy for Information and Management te Amsterdam. Rik heeft een gepassioneerde belangstelling voor inspirerende vormen van leren in combinatie met filosofie, kunst, design en architectuur. Zijn Twitternaam weerspiegelt zijn insteek: hoogleerling. Ter introductie schrijft hij: […]

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april 2018
Digital Happiness

Dit diner pensant heeft als gastspreker Michiel Boreel. Hij is CTO van Sogeti. Lid van de managementboard van Sogeti Group in Parijs. Sinds 1994 via ViNT, het Verkenningsinstituut van Sogeti, inspirator van vele baanbrekende publicaties. Tevens leider van Sogeti’s globale R&D, Sogeti Labs. Met zijn presentatie over ‘Digital Happiness’ zal Michiel zijn visie met ons […]

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januari 2018
The Internet of Value

Venture capitalist William Mougayar calls blockchain “the second significant overlay on the internet, just as the web was the first layer back in 1990”. The potential that excites him goes far beyond financial transactions made using digital currencies. It touches on what Ripple Labs have called “ The Internet of Value ”. The Internet of Value […]

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Inspirational Sessions (in English)

Please find a list of our past sessions below.
If you would like more information on any of these subjects, kindly contact us via the contact form on this website.
mei 2018
GDPR - Are you ready? (workshop in Dutch)

We are reaching the day General Data Protecton Regulation (GDPR) comes to practice. It will bring the protection of personal data to a next level. Many institutions prepare to be ready before May 25th 2018, the day the regulation become effective. Not everybody has come to grip with its impact. In the workshop, René van […]

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mei 2017
Hacking & Cybersecurity

Hacking & cybersecurity, lot of words are spent on it, but what is really going on? Everyone is talking about hacking, cybercrime and cyberwars. But what is really going on? Is there a cyberwar? What are cybercriminals doing and what happens at the dark web? What can we expect with the IoT and are we […]

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april 2017
Securing your organization with only IT, may get you in trouble!!

But then again, it is your company and who am I to tell you what to do. Many business leaders have shared their worries on the topic of information security. This session may help you to get more insight for your own organization. So we invite you to ask questions and share your vision and […]

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maart 2017
IOT According to … Peter Manolescue

Peter will speak about the individual impact of IoT according to Vodafone: how will it affect you, your family, your business!? In his vision, IoT will support companies in making the transition from saving money to making money, but ultimately… IoT will even disappear… Peter will present concrete examples of how and why this technology will be […]

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februari 2017
Monetizing IOT

Analysts expect some 50 billion connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) – by 2020. It is obvious these next level of connectivity changes the base of competition and drives new business models for users and supplier companies. Most of them look for a business case with a focus on the shortest path to […]

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januari 2017
Machine Learning

Machine & Deep Learning It may not really be the time to brace for singularity — the hypothesized moment when super intelligent machines start improving themselves without human involvement – but today’s deep learning could transform almost any industry. Wouter Crul, Data Science Director at Ortec,  has spent a life time in this digital world. […]

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november 2016
The Last Mile

Disruption ahead: The last mile battle within logistics The last mile is responsible for 50 percent of the total transportation costs and has a crucial impact on customer satisfaction. What have been the innovations that impacted last mile logistics in the past and what are the current developments. Start-ups are now reinventing the traditional transportation […]

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oktober 2016
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: Disruptively generating $120 billion in 2020 Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment on which artificial elements will be added. Although AR is around since the seventies, only recently it became known by the big public. Thanks to the Pokémon Go and the media attention […]

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september 2016
Location Intelligence values Deep Learning

Location Intelligence values Deep Learning   The geo-sector is changing rapidly under the influence of big data. Using real-time data from dynamic sensors, smart phones and satellites, a multitude of location information is at our disposal. The potential benefits are unprecedented and the applications seem almost limitless. Location information is a unifying factor in solving […]

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juni 2016
Wallet Wonderwall

As an industry it never used to make the front pages of any mainstream newspaper but payments has become a hot topic. In this presentation you’ll get a bird’s-eye view on some of the latest developments in the field of moving money. General opinion seems to be that banks will soon become obsolete. FinTechs and […]

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mei 2016
Internet of Things

Internet of Things     –    Date: 17th of May 2016 We’re edging into the territory of ambient intelligence today. Increasingly complex sensors, systems architectures, and software can gather, store, manage, and analyze vastly more data in far less time with much greater sophistication. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting prospects for […]

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april 2016
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality     –     Date: 19th of April 2016 More and more Internet applications are build on interactivity. The next step in this interactivity is a computer-simulated reality that replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact with […]

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maart 2016
Connectivity Redefined

Connectivity Redefined   There are many, many factors currently affecting the Telecom Operators’ business model and cost structure, but particularly ‘connectivity’ requires a strategic reassessment. Connectivity has commoditized and faces a never ending increase of traffic, driven by ‘any screen’ data consumption by consumers with mobile as the device of choice. On the mobile side, this requires […]

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februari 2016

Beacons Beacons broadcast and communicate with nearly every portable electronic device. They allow tablets and smartphones to perform action such as sending push notifications to the consumer based on their location or transmitting data to the service provider. With the advent of beacons service providers are able to collect more contextual data then even before […]

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