The Internet of Value

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januari 2018

Venture capitalist William Mougayar calls blockchain “the second significant overlay on the internet, just as the web was the first layer back in 1990”. The potential that excites him goes far beyond financial transactions made using digital currencies. It touches on what Ripple Labs have called “ The Internet of Value ”.

The Internet of Value simply refers to us entering into a world where value—money, payments, etc.—moves like information moves today because of the internet.

AThe Internet of Valuelthough information moves around the world instantly, a single payment from one country to another is slow, expensive and unreliable. With the Internet of Value, a value transaction such as a foreign currency payment, can happen instantly, just as how people have been sharing words, images and videos online for decades. And it’s not just money. The Internet of Value will enable the exchange of any asset that is of value to someone, including stocks, votes, frequent flyer points, securities, intellectual property, music, scientific discoveries, and more.

Dutch entrepreneur André Varma – founder of MMP Business Intelligence – knows his way in the world of Big Data and business intelligence. As a pioneer in Blockchain technology he experiments with building blocks of the Internet of Value. And shares his learnings with us.

Date: January 23rd, 2018

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