Monetizing IOT

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februari 2017

Analysts expect some 50 billion connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) – by 2020. It is obvious these next level of connectivity changes the base of competition and drives new business models for users and supplier companies.

Most of them look for a business case with a focus on the shortest path to enable the saving of money: they look at IoT to automate processes. To me it appears the real value of IoT lies in how it fundamentally may change the interaction with customers through new products and services, but also new business models. More specifically it is about moving from a Capex model to one that is based on a recurring Opex model. In some cases, the supplier of the services only makes use of products of others (as with Uber: taxi service without owning taxis; Rb&B: housing services without owning real estate; AliBaba: products without any warehousing).

In this pizza-session, Monetizing IoT, we will assess some business cases with IoT and examine the context for their success and we will discuss some simple tips to help monetizing the IoT opportunities.

Speaker: Pieter van Hoogstraten

Monetizing IoT Setelia

Date: 21st of February 2017

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